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It was evident in Ancient China that gambling took place as early as 2300 BC and up to date, gambling has evolved and has branched out to different types including online casino games. It is hard to predict what will come next when it comes to gambling, with the technology that we have nothing is really impossible on what will come next and with gambling everything is possible. Same as in online slots, wild toro slot is an example to that, it’s a game of chance you can either win the jackpot or try again. Play now at wizard slots!

Gambling is for risk-takers. For most people, they say that they find gambling satisfactory and fun. Some say gambling can be a problem when it goes overboard and you lose control. The majority of people who gamble go back to their normal lives and responsibilities after taking gambling which is totally fine.

Studies say that people don’t only gamble for money but also for fun, excitement, and satisfaction. There are various of games wherein you can gamble and most of these games are called the game of luck a few of those games are bingo, roulette, and the lottery because it depends on your luck BUT there are also games wherein you can gamble but would need strategy, knowledge or skill.

Wanting to do activities like mountain climbing? Before you do that be sure to have the best climbing shoes equip in your feet. Games of skill like poker require a piece of certain knowledge and skill to win. You have to study your cards and your opponent. Chess, golf, and billiard are also a few examples of those games requiring knowledge and strategy.

There are various games that would require bets. Girls and boys have their own preference on which games to gamble on, girls, for example, would engage in lotteries, bingo, cards, and slot machines, while boys prefer sports betting and skill-based activities.

I have mentioned a lot of games above and I would like to discuss 2 games that people would love to bet on.


The first signs of the lottery were traced back in 200 BC from the Han Dynasty in China but it was not until the adopted son of Julius Caesar created the lottery that we understand today.

A lottery is a form of gambling wherein winners are chosen by drawing lots from among those who paid to join. Players risk a small amount of money in the hopes of winning a large amount of prize money while its net proceeds go to the public good.


The game’s history was traced back to 1530. It was an Italian lottery called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” which was played every Saturday in Italy. From Italy, the games were introduced to France in the late 1770s where it was called “Le Lotto”. In the US, it was popularly known as “beano”.

Each bingo card contains 24 numbers on a 5 by 5 grid card. When the game starts, balls are drawn and depending on the pattern, whoever completes the patters wins the game first.

In a customary way, to announce that you’ve won is to yell BINGO and a floor walker checks and verify your card. If two people call the same BINGO then the prize money is split evenly.

  • Bingo is a game of chance however there are common rules to follow when playing BINGO and here are a few:
  • Players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Players must pay attention to the marking of their bingo cards.
  • Never play more bingo cards than you can watch.
  • It is not allowed to reserve specific cards.
  • If a player calls for BINGO it is important to know that bingo must be claimed on the most recent number that was called.
  • When the caller closes the game, any missed bingos become invalid.


This game of chance started in the 15th century. According to research, baccarat started in France or Italy. In Venetian slang, baccarat is called “zero’ because the jacks, 10s, queens, and kings have valued zero points.

Baccarat does not require any special skills and techniques and it mostly based on luck. This game gives opportunities to win and fun for players. It is one of the most popular games in Asia and among high rollers.

There are different baccarat types which have been developed over the years and here are a few:

American Baccarat Rules- Up to 14 players are allowed to play in a game of American Baccarat. The seats are numbered from 1-15 except the number 13 because 13 is deemed to be an unlucky number.

Chemin de Fer Baccarat Rules- a French version of the game which means “railway” in French and can be found in some European casinos. Its game objective is same as the American baccarat. In this game, the player has the opportunity to be a banker and the players can bet among themselves.

Baccarat en Banque Rules- more different from the American baccarat and is more common to Chermin de Fer. One difference of this game is the number of decks is three unlike the other types of baccarat which use eight.

Each and every player may play as the banker but if a player wants to play banker, the player needs to say “banco” to cover the bet of the current banker.

As mentioned above, Gambling is fun but there are also rules to follow, with games that required skills, you have to learn the rules. While gambling provides excitement and satisfaction, you have to be responsible for the risk you take. So which would you choose? A game of luck or a game of skill? Choose wisely!​​