Panama City Oktoberfest proved to be a great event once again! The weather was nice, the people were abundant, and ECHO had a great time serving homebrew and recruiting new members. Knights of Columbus provided the space, and we attracted some hungry patrons in return. Big round of applause to Iron Mike for handling the booth setup and providing the draft equipment. He provided updated business cards as well, which were picked up as fast as they were set out. They looked great! We also conducted transactions for the bulk grain order. Thanks to all the club members who donated their time and their beer to pull this off.
Rob, Iron Mike, and Jesse are ready to go at the ECHO booth.


Mike and Jesse are wooing the crowd with their knowledge of beer appreciation and homebrewing.

Rachael, Matt, Rob and Dave keep the brew flowing all night.

Rachael’s traditional German Dirndl hit the spot!
Blonde Pale Ale- called the “dirty blonde” by some, this finely crafted brew was the go-to beverage for those not quite sure what we were all about. Dave’s pale poured light amber in color and had a great mouth feel and smooth finish.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Stout- Jesse’s trademark infringing stout pushed the envelope in terms of intense fermentable adjuncts with the addition of 30 large RPB cups in the boil. Dark as night and thick as syrup, you either loved it or hated it. Folks stopped by just to request the RPB stout by name. Don’t forget to check out the online slots guide from our website.

Belgian Tripel- Iron Mike forced this one to maturity in time for the event, but no one noticed! Thick and a little darker than expected, I witnessed many club members going for the Tripel when it was time to refill their mugs!

(Friday and Saturday)
ECHO Saison- This seasoned Belgian farmhouse ale was brewed back in June at the Beef O’Brady’s for AHA big brew 2009. Baby-sat by Iron Mike, this brew definitely lived up to its name. Dark amber, subtle spice, and slightly sour yeast made this a great example of the style. It’s good to know we can crank out such a top notch beer while chatting with friends and enjoying the hospitality of Beef’s.

Fat Bastard Scottish Ale- Jeremy’s Scottish didn’t disappoint. This ale was reddish in color and quite malty. Similar to an ESB, but without the hop kick. As I poured each taster of this finely crafted ale, I was compelled to exclaim, “Get in my belly!”

American Cherry Wheat- A collaboration between Pug Butt Brewery and War-Ale Brewery, this lawnmower helped to diversify the tasting selection by offering a lighter, cleaner, “American” approach to Oktoberfest. It was a simple Northern Brewer wheat-beer grain bill, but 2 ounces of cherry extract in the secondary gave it a good cherry nose and taste. Too bitter for some, too sweet for others, and a biker did ridicule the brewer for using fruit in a beer, citing Reinheitsgebot of 1516. Maybe he’s right.

To sum up the event, a little old lady walks up to the booth and says, “I don’t like beer but I want to try one of yours.” With hesitation, we provide her a sample and wait for the inevitable comment of distaste. We were surprised to hear, “Oh wow! That tastes better than REAL BEER!!” ……. Real beer????

Cheers to the folks of Bay County for making this event another one to remember.